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Quick Response 911 - Electronic Verification

QR911 is your Emergency Lifeline

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First Responders need critical care information upon arrival at your home.
When minutes count, First Responders access your information in seconds.
Critical care data is stored and protected by industry leading encryption.
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Yes, you can Participate for free

Upgrade to Subscriber to receive all the benefits QR911 has to offer.

For nine dollars and eleven cents you can have peace of mind.
All your residing family members will have a full profile.

Nominal Per Quarter Fee.

You enter and maintain critical care data.
Unlimited updates and changes.
Medical profiles.
Pet safety.

First Responders support QR911

When First Responders arrive to your emergency, they scan your QR911 sign
and have immediate access to all data you have entered.
The information you provide on your home protects the First Responders
from harm and speeds their rescue efforts

You can participate at no charge

Participate in our Affinity Program
Learn how your Not-for-Profit group can have a quarterly revenue stream.