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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you are on our web-site, you register your basic information. Upon registration, an email will be sent to you with a link to confirm your membership registration request and to set your password. You will then provide information the First Responders need to know, fill out your Medical Status Form and submit. At this time you will be provided a QR911 sign. Print these and place them in and around your house.

As a free participate, QR911 can only provide one Medical Status form. The Subscriber benefits from unlimited Medical Status forms.

Seconds can mean the difference between life or death. The quicker First Responders can get your information the quicker they can respond appropriately.

  • Persons who have special needs children or adults in their home.
  • Persons who have animals.
  • Persons who would like to limit the amount of water damage in certain areas of their home.
  • Anyone who has vital lifesaving information needed by the First Responders.

By upgrading to Subscriber level you have unlimited Medical Status Forms. One for each child or older parent to place in their rooms.

You, enter, update, and maintain all the info you want provided.

We provide 128 encrypted SSL.

Your information is never sold, and only provided to First Responders when they need it.

A Smartphone equipped with a Moblie Code scanner is all you and the First Responders need to access your information. All you need to participate is access to the internet and a printer. In 15 minutes you're prepared to provide unlimited lifesaving data, to the emergency services that desperately need it. is opened, and a PIN is required in order to access your information.

Yes. Each First Responder has their own PIN and every scan is logged into our database.

After printing your signs place in convenient high traffic areas. Refrigerator, Bedroom, Windows by entrances, Garage door, Mail box. Print your QR911 sign large or small depending on the distance it is to be scanned. Scale is an inch to a foot. One inch square QR911 sign needs to be scanned within one foot. Test the distances, with your moblie code scanner enabled Smartphone. Be sure the First Responders can scan your QR911 signs.

Upon registration, an email will be sent to you with a link to confirm your membership registration request and to set your password.

It is a 2 dimensional Mobile Bar Code (basically), but through a URL provides unlimited immediate data access for First Responders and authenticated users.

Absolutely not. If you ever suspect something has come through us, immediately.

NO we do not sell your info, we only allow your First Responders access.

Participants receive the limited service for free. Subscribers pay quarterly to receive all the benefits and services QR911 offers.

QR911 must be able to ensure the First Responders the information they are retrieving is accurate and up to date.

You can update any time and as often as needed.

Log in to Beside the user name are two buttons, view and edit. Click edit. This is your account page. (You cannot change your password on this page. You must request a password change upon Log in.) Scroll to the bottom of page making your changes, click on save. In green at top of page, you will be told your changes have been made. Repeat these steps in Your Personal Details, Your Home Details, Your Home Security Safety Details. At left of page, click Medical Status form. Click view your previous submissions. Click edit. Scroll to the bottom making your changes, then click submit. If you change your address you will need to print new QR911 signs, and put in place of your previous QR911 signs.

Remove all signs from previous residence. Log in to, update your info, submit, print new QR911 signs, place in and around your new residence.

As a paid Subscriber you will need to request your direct billing to cease,
As a free Participant you can request removal at,

As long as you Log in every six months your information will stay on file. You will receive e-mail prompts to Log in. If no Log in has occurred in 9 months your data will be deleted.

Every 6 months we request an update. You will receive e-mail reminders.
After 9 months with no update your Membership expires and your files are deleted.

Absolutely no cost for the Participants or the First Responders.